M. Culp

My wife & daughter picked up two bags today from you at the farmers market, my two dogs loved them!

Tiki’s Miraculous Recovery

This is an update on Tiki. He has made a terrific recovery after what was first diagnosed as a brain tumor but what turned out to be encephalitis. Read More to watch our Video!

Walking Your Dog on Hot Pavement

We are having a pretty hot summer in Pennsylvania and we wanted to share some of the dangers of hot pavement and our dogs sensitive paws. Take a moment to view our video.

Walking Your Dog on Hot Asphalt

Welcome to another addition of our video blog! Today we will talk about hot asphalt. You may think its getting cooler but the bright sunshine still keeps the roadways pretty hot! Take a listen for our latest lesson. Source: http://youtu.be/yZLa_34KmOg

Heat Stroke

Welcome to our weekly blog! This week we are talking heat stroke. Take a minute to watch our video learn some of the signs and how to deal with this summer danger. Source: http://youtu.be/lYTdluyjtB0